The Awards

Awards Registration

If you have received a letter from us inviting your school to participate in an upcoming Awards for Excellence in Education, the following will describe the registration process:

Initial notification letter
The principal must sign and fax back the Confirmation of Participation form that was included in their notification letter to let us know if they are participating by the date indicated on the bottom of the form.

Second Mailout
After a school has confirmed its participation, the principal will then be mailed a package. In this package:

  • Schools will be notified of whether they are a Finalist (one of the top two or three schools in the province) or School of Distinction. The winner and runners-up will not be announced until the awards celebration dinner.
  • Schools will be reminded of when and where the awards celebration dinner is being held.  
  • Finalists and Schools of Distinction are allowed to bring a maximum of eight guests (administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, superintendents) to the dinner, at no cost to the school. 
  • Schools will be asked to fill out a form indicating the number of guests that will be attending the awards dinner. 
    • On this same form they will also confirm the spelling of the school’s name, so that it is correct on the award certificate and in the program. This will get faxed back to us by the date indicated on the bottom of the form.
  • Schools will be asked to fill out a Guest List form which requires the names and job titles of all guests. This will get faxed back to us by the date indicated on the bottom of the form.
  • Schools will receive a Request for Art that entails having 15 of their students do a small art assignment for the awards dinner. This will need to be mailed to us by the date indicated in the instructions. A self-addressed stamped envelope is provided in the package.
  • Only if you are a Finalist will you receive travel and accommodation information in your package.
    • Reminder: We cover the cost of travel and accommodation for 2 representatives, preferably the principal and one other member, from Finalist schools that do not live within a reasonable traveling distance from the city where the awards dinner is being held.
  • For Schools of Distinction requiring accommodation, we are happy to offer a corporate rate.

Event Confirmation Email
Finally, all participating principals will be sent an email a couple of days prior to the celebration dinner to confirm:

  • the number of people attending from their school,
  • the names of the guests,
  • the number of booked hotel rooms, if any
  • special diet requests.

If you did not receive one of the above mentioned forms or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa-Diane Fortier at 604-714-4569.